High Coffee at InterContinental Sydney

Espresso Martini @ High Coffee

Welcome drink – Espresso Martini

This post is for all the coffee lovers out there. The ones who cannot go a day without their caffeine fix, who feel sluggish and meh until they have their warm cup o’ joe.

Actually, it’s for anyone who loves to drink tea or coffee. And food, oh so much food!

After enjoying the QVB’s high tea earlier this year, I was keen to try another venue but when I heard about High Coffee at the InterContinental Sydney hotel (cnr Bridge and Macquarie St, Sydney) I knew I had to go.

And a few weeks ago on a rainy Saturday, I found my chance and dragged my similarly caffeine-driven brother out for a day in the city to test out their special High Coffee experience ($55).

High Coffee @ InterContinental Sydney

3-tiers of goodies

Set in the lovely Cortile Lounge, we are met by a very friendly hostess (Erin) who seats us and goes through the plan for the afternoon – 3 tiers, 3 coffees including a welcome Espresso Martini plus extra sides. The menu is extensive and should be given a warning: DO NOT EAT BREAKFAST. You are in for a treat!

We start with the Espresso Martini which includes Vanilla-infused Belvedere Vodka, Kahlua and a shot of Espresso di Manfredi coffee. It is smooth and a great start with the sandwiches, including wagyu beef, roasted chicken and salmon.

High Coffee @ InterContinental Sydney

1st course – Afternoon Sandwiches

High Coffee @ InterContinental Sydney

2nd course – Warm afternoon savouries

The chicken, avocado and semi-dried tomato sandwich is a standout for me, but the meat pie which is part of a separate course of warm savouries, well…. just look at it! #NOM

The accompanying Cafe Freddo which comes out chilled in a cute glass with a single cube of ice and separate milk and sugar syrup is delicious and my fav coffee of the day.

High Coffee @ InterContinental Sydney

Palate cleanser – Green apple sorbet. Just like eating a granny smith

The palate cleanser is a happy welcome at this point where we are feeling quite full and eyeing off the dessert tray that is still on the 3-tiered stand.

But wait, there’s more! Almost to our dismay, Erin brings out a tray of warm chocolate crepes and waffles for a DIY experience. Our stomachs protest and we start to wonder if we’ll get through the two remaining levels still full on the tiered stand.

Sweets @ InterContinental Sydney


High Coffee @ InterContinental Sydney


By the time we get to the scones and sweets, we could barely move. We’re both wishing we had skipped breakfast and my bro doesn’t touch his scones. I try but with all the other items they are dry and don’t hit the same spot reached by those at the QVB. The whipped cream also doesn’t have anything on the clotted cream from the high tea but that’s only minor when looking at the rest of what you get in the High Coffee.

High Coffee @ InterContinental Sydney

Sweets! Mmmmmm!

We end (or try to) with the delicious sweets, including an infused cinnamon and ginger chocolate creme brulee (crunchy on top but a little burnt); meringue with Bailey’s cream and candy macadamia (delish!); salted caramel and espresso bavarois cream eclair, wattleseed macaroon and chocolate coffee slice. What we can’t eat, we take home to share with the family (yum!).

If you’re up for it, you can choose “The Signature” Cafe Corretto – a shot of perfect Espresso de Manfredi ‘corrected’ with a shot of grappa (3 flavours) – to go along with your sweets. As we’re driving, we forgo the boozy finish and go safe with a delish Mocha for me and Flat White for the bro.

For coffee addicts and tea drinkers alike, the High Coffee was a fun experience and (we thought) much more bang for your buck compared to any High Tea we’ve seen. And another good point, boys can come! 😉

BT x

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    What fun! I love how it’s a different spin on your regular high tea (you should try the vodka high tea at Food Society if you’re still looking for something different).


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