Things to do in Manly, Sydney

Wondering what things to do in Manly, Sydney?

Manly Beach, Manly

It doesn’t matter if you’re a homegrown Sydneysider or a visitor to our wonderful city. This beach is a must-see on your ‘Places to go in Sydney’ list. It’s up there with Taronga Zoo, the Opera House and the ol’ coathanger (that’s Sydney Harbour Bridge for the uninitiated).

No it’s not Bondi, it’s Manly!

Manly is like Bondi’s quiet cousin, it’s on the other side of the city and involves a very scenic Manly ferry ride through Sydney harbour. Whenever I have friends visiting from overseas, I like to take them here if I can.

In Summer, the place is paaaaaaaacked with locals, teenagers being all cool on school holidays (yeh, I did that) and tourists soaking up the sunshine. Oh, and these guys:

Protected species in Australia - bearded lizard (of some sort)

Hey there cutie! (He totally posed..)

And where do you go when your tummy starts to grumble? The Pantry!

The Pantry, Manly


The Pantry Manly is known as the “restaurant with the best view” and it is preeeetty sweet – just look at it! It’s located right. on. the. beach. And the food is pretty scrummy.

The whole restaurant gives off a really fresh vibe and we sit and watch the chefs slice meat for the charcuterie while ladies lunch on seafood with champagne while a large family celebrates a birthday. It’s not a large space so I’d recommend booking ahead, especially if you want a beachside seat.

I take note of the breakfast menu (7:30-11:30am) for another time but arriving in the afternoon we choose to start with the caramelised garlic bread, char-grilled with olive oil ($8), followed by the Angus beef burger, mixed leaf, onion jam & fries ($21).


The pattie is juicy and the french fries crisp. The fullsize pickle and onion jam sets it off nicely and the little jar of tomato sauce is a cute addition.

And then when the sun starts to set and you feel like a bevvy or two, you can head to Hotel Steyne’s new-ish Moonshine Bar which is on the top level and serves only cider and rum. My kind of bar !


Moonshine bar at The Pantry, Manly

Cute decor with a bearded lady or two

Cider bar, Manly (no beer allowed)

10 ciders on tap – no beer!!


Oh Manly, Moonshine, sunshine.. come back to me!

BT x

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